Thursday, September 25, 2014

C4T #2

First Post: Janae Ivory has a blog called iLearn Technology. Janae does a post called Digital Story Telling and this one was a video about Aerial's animation. Aerial is a dance teacher who created a new way to dance. She was also featured on America’s Got Talent. Aerial draws animation backgrounds when she dances. She is the character in her animations. That was incredible. What a great idea of mixing drawing and dance. I love to draw so this dance really is aspiring to me. This video would be great to use when teaching about expressing yourself.

Second Post: Janae Ivory posted about SNAP Learning Close Reading System. SNAP is a online site that has interactive exercises that helps students learn about words and sentences. Based on the a student you can assign reading and activities that is on their own level. This helps the student as an individual. I would have really liked this as a child.

Blog Post #6

Anthony Capp's is a 3rd grade teacher at Baldwin County, a very tech savvy school. He too was in EDM310 with Dr. Strange and was also a tech helper for the course. Project based learning is an important tool in Mr. Capp's class. In the video, they talked about the ways he has used project based learning to engage his students.

Anthony Capp's said his students "get excited about and own their own learning" in Project Based Learning (PBL). He has received very positive responses from his students, parents, and superiors on his teaching methods. When the students are excited about a project, they are determined to do a great job and finish in a timely manner. He will only give guidelines when he announces a project in class. This method directs the students while also allowing them to complete it the way they think is correct. These PBL methods encourage the student’s creativity. He also requires his students to work on group projects and peer edit. His believes it is good for students to help each other and grow together as a group. It also allows students to have their work checked before turning it in. It also helps the teacher as the editing and grading process takes less time.

Mr. Capp's uses two computer programs in his classroom. The first program is iCurio, a search engine that is safe for elementary students. The students can use this to search on any topic they are discussing in class. It is also has a file for students so they may go back to previous searches. The other search engine he uses is called Discovery Education. This is also for the students to search class topics. However, instead of showing pictures of the topic, it shows a video that has detailed information about the searched item. Research has shown that when you both see and hear about a topic, you tend to understand and retain more information.

Anthony Capp's said you do not just teach technology but you need to use it. You need to teach it and gradually use more and more. A lesson is four layers; it is a year, unit, week, and a day. You do not have to teach everything at once. You need think of it in the four layers and the daily plan is the most important of them all.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Project #7 My Sentence Videos

My Sentence Is...

My Passion Is...

Project # 3 - Presentation

Blog Post #5

I: What is PLN?
II: Why its is used?
III: How I will get started?

A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a networking program for teachers. PLN's are great tools for teachers to learn new technology, learning styles, share ideas, research, and many other tools to become a better teacher. It does not just connect teachers from one school or district but it also connects educators from all over the world. Teachers can use Twitter, blogs, and even google to keep connected. My mom is an art/music teacher and she often uses Pinterest as her PLN. This keeps her connected with the newest concepts in art education while also sharing her own methods and creations. PLN's can also make effective students. As a teacher, utilizing these methods can grasp a student's attention and keep them engaged. PLN creation can take a significant amount of time to setup. However, once it is created, it is available to you for your entire teaching career. As a teacher, it is important to continue learning and discovering new ways to educate and engage your students. The first additions to my PLN will will be my mom, Barbara Hutson, and @drjohnhadley. I will also be adding the teacher I have been observing in my other classes. A Personal Learning Network is the best way to stay connected with other educators while also staying current with the latest in education technology and methods.


Friday, September 12, 2014

C4K Summary: September

I: Rave's Blog Post
II: Laurin's Blog Post

Rave posted about plastic bags. She was very upset that how much trash was in the oceans these days. Plastic bags are the main cause for the animals, birds, and fishes deaths. She told us that some outlet malls were even making customer pay 10 cents for plastic bags. This helps by not having as much plastic bags on our earth and waters. She also mention that some countries have even banned plastic bag. I believe this is a great idea. I would want people to pay for their bags so there would be less in the world. It has always made me ever upset to see trash in the waters. I mades me even mad to see people dumping trash in water. We need to keep our earth clean.
Laurin posted about her job as a student. Her job was to learn and grow as a student. She also did not like school that much but she understoods why she had to go. She really disliked her uniforms. But she understood that uniforms were there to not distract student from learning. I commented that I had uniforms in my school too. I really liked my uniform because I did not have to think about what I wanted to wear everyday. I would just put it on and start my day. I also helped me to focus on my school work. I did not have think of what everybody else was doing or wearing. I could learn and grow as a person.

Kam B. posted about one thing she would change about school. If Kam could change one thing about school she would choose to have no homework. She thinks children these days are being overworked. My comment said would it not be great to not have homework. I know if there was no homework then I would definitely get more sleep. Although if I did not have homework I probably would not learn as much as I do.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Project 4: C4T #1

I: 1st Post
A: Comment 1
II: 2nd Post
A: Comment 2

Jason Hahnstadt is a high school P.E. coach. In the blog post, What is Flipped Coaching? , Jason describes how he showed videos in his class. The videos contain the activity he is teaching for that day. This gives the teacher more time to interact with the student other than having to lecture all day. This also helps by not having to repeat himself over and over. When I commented I told him that I thought it was really good idea to show videos of the activity. That way he do not have to repeat himself as much. I think videos would be really useful to do in any classroom.

In the second blog post, Flipping your Classroom Updates, Jason decribe how it was hard to get his students to watch videos and take quiz online. He really wanted to find a way to remind his student to do the assignments. He came up with the idea of texting his students. He didn't want to text them from his personal phone so he used a website. Through a website he could text the students every night to watch videos and take their quiz. My comment included that it was really smart of them to text their student using a website. I will have to keep that in mind when I want to do online homework in my classroom one day.


Search Engines

-Fashion Net

Review on 8 different search engines that do all different things.

WolframAlpha is a search engine that solves math problems. It is a answer engine type of site. This would be nice to use for a math class or if you working on a project. It was lots of answer about math.

Bing is a web search engine site. When you type a word in to bing it will pull up a picture, map, definition, and links that you can connect to. It does not have the ads for the first 5 sites. It also show the popular site that people look at. This is helpful because you can find things fast and easy.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that protect the seacher. No one can check what you have been searching on the internet. I guess if you have something to hide when you would want to use this one.

Yandex is a web search engine. It also help you find sites that are local in your area. It also as been specialized information resources.

Yahoo is a had it all. It has it own mail, news, answers, groups, and so on. This web search started in america but is used all around the world.

Business is a search engine for business answers. It also is used for the advertising network.

Fashion Net is a search engine for fashion all around the world. If people love the lastest fashion then they use this site.

Yummly is a search engine for food. This site had the best and most food recipes you can find. It will also tell you about ingredient, diet, nutrition, and taste.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blog Post #4

I: First Source
A: 1/3 of the Class
II: Second Source
A: Lead your Question
III: Tips
A: More of an Effective Teacher

Asking Questions: What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher?

The first source I researched was The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom. This post focused on how to properly ask students a question. Often, when a teacher asks a question, only a third of the students raise their hands to answer. The remaining two-thirds of the students either think they are not smart enough to answer or they are not engaged at all. Methods and techniques are available to encourage the whole class to think of the answer and engage in learning. A proven technique for engaging an entire classroom is asking the question, waiting a few seconds and calling on a specific student to give the answer. This method encourages all the students to think of the answer in the event they are called upon.

The second source I found interesting was Asking Questions to Improve Learning. This post focused on the “Do’s and Don'ts” when asking questions to a class. When asking a question, you want to lead your students into understanding the main points. When beginning a class, you should not start with a question that has multiple answers. It is important to be clear on what you are asking and use questions that students may see on an essay test. Also, asking questions that lead students directly into the answer can cause students to lose their confidence when answering. Asking questions throughout the class is more effective in engaging students that a pure lecture format. When asking questions, it is important to know how to respond to the students. Do not interrupt or discourage students by not showing interest even when they give an incorrect response. If the student is wrong, it’s important to positively guide them in the right direction.

Using these tips on how to ask questions will help me to become a more effective teacher. Teachers should ask questions to engage their students and assist them in learning more effectively. Prior to these readings, I never thought about how asking a question can affect the student and classroom as a whole. I was one of the students that never believed I was smart enough to answer and so I always let my other classmates answer for me. I also look back and realize I would often zone out and become disengaged with the class. I believe if my teachers had randomly chosen someone to answer, I would have been more engaged.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blog post #3

I: Peer Editing
A: Compliment
B: Suggestion
C: Corrections

Working with a peer to refine your writing can be fun and effective. However, it is necessary to learn how to edit before helping your peers. The most important rule when peer editing is to stay positive. A peer is a person that is in the same age group or status, such as a classmate or coworker. Editing is making suggestions, compliments, comments, and changes in writing. It’s necessary to learn how to properly guide peers into making their paper perfect.

When beginning to edit someone’s work, make sure to start with a compliment. You can start by saying you like their topic or they are very good at using details. It is also important to avoid being rude when editing a peer's work. When editing, be specific on the changes you are suggesting. Some changes you can present are word choice, using details, or even encouraging them to stay on topic. Corrections should be the last thing you present when editing a peer's work. Common corrections include spell checking, grammar mistakes, and sentence structure. Everyone approaches editing in different ways. However, by using these steps you will be able to edit someone's work in the correct way.