Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part B


I am still working on my Personal Learning Networks and will be continuing working on it throughout my college years. I have been learning many websites and I am excited to always learn new ones. I do believe it is very important for my future as a teacher. It gives me so many opportunities to create lesson plans is so many ways.

C4T #4

First Post: A Celebration of Learning: Engaging Families Inside and Out!
Mrs. Sharon Davison has been a teacher for 25 year in counting. This year she started teaching kindergarten and she is really enjoying it. She talks about how learning is a wonderful and power thing. Learning is not just for her students but for their families too. She wants to help her parents to be engaged in this experience. There are so many ways to engage them by having class blogs, having a show your work off day, or taking pictures to post on blog. The show off your work day is when parent have the opportunity to come in the classroom to see what they have been doing. One student's parents could not make it so they used Facetime to connect with them. This shows just one way why technology is great to use in the classroom.

Second Post: Being Grateful…….
She starts by telling us how grateful she is for being healthy, and having great friends/family. She is most grateful for being a great role model for her students. They have been working on a PBL project in her class that works with the help for the need. Her class has been having guest speakers and they have been creating iMovies of their own ideas they have to help the need. Recently one of student's sent her a picture and an email. They have told her that their child has sold all her books to raise money from the The Children’s Literacy Initiative. As a teacher/role model this would make you feel like they have really made a difference in a child's life.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

Teaching our children can be a profession!

1. Picking from the best Teachers
2. Seniority
3. Teacher Standards

Joel Klein has many ideas on how to change the education system to try to make it better.
1. Picking from the best Teachers:
Klein believe one way is to have a better education programs for the future teachers. He also said that teachers should be picked from one third of top of the class. I can understand why he want the best of the best. Although even if a teacher has the highest grades it does not determine if he/she is a great and effective teacher. It should be how a teacher perform in the classroom and how they teach can have an important effect upon the students.
2. Teacher Seniority and 3. Teacher Standards
When schools have cut back, usually the first teachers that are made to leave are the ones that just received the job. Klein believes that it is wrong to fire the new teachers just based off of seniority. I agree with Klein that it is not right. Just because the teachers may be new does not determine that they are bad teachers. There are two kinds of teachers. Teacher who are effective and very caring towards their students. Then there are teachers who do not care and do the least they can to just get by. Just because a teacher has experience and has been teaching for a long time does not mean they are effective teachers. Also new teachers usually have the highest and newest teaching techniques. One way to solve this problem would be to have the teachers to be evaluated each year. This can help to determine who gets cut based off of skills and techniques of a teacher.

Friday, November 21, 2014

C4K Summary: November

I: Liam's Blog
II: Channing's Blog
III: Channing's Blog (2)

Liam post was called "My Poem". Liam wrote a poem about his dog.
Liam's Poem:
"My dog
as fluffy as a pillow
as vicious as a snake as fast as
a car as big as a chair as kind
as a person as hungry as a buffalo"

My comment was about how I love his poem about his dog. It gave a really good descriptions of his dog. I also said that I could start to picture what the dog looks like. Then I told him about how my dog was really fluffy and very soft. My dog favorite food is cheese.

Channing posted a picture of the prints they were making in their class. My comment said how nice prints his print looked. I told him that I was doing the same thing in my art class right now. We used foam plates and used a pen to make our design. Then we make prints just like he did.

Channing posted the step to how to use a pottery wheel.
Channing steps:
"Potter wheel
1. How to center the clay.
2. The angl of the hand.
3. Air bobls out of clay.
Doug Reynolds..
1. He makes the potter wheel look easy.
2 He was a featured artist for making pots at Waldemar Schmidt Gallery.
3. He made good pots."
Channing class blogs about the art projects they do in class. It is really cool to be able to know how to use wheel to make pottery.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

How to begin a blogging in a classroom setting?
Having a class blog is a great way for students to practice their writing and using technology. It is also nice that family and friends can view their blogs from home. The parents are able to see how their child writing is coming along. Although knowing how to create a blog for the class can be challenging. As a teacher you want your students to be safe and protected when posting on the internet. Watch these videos to help you learn how to set up a blog for your classroom.
1. How to Set up a Blog in Blogger for Classroom Use
2. Kids Blog
Describe what you have learned from the videos.

Creating a blog is kind of a scary thought in my head. It makes me nervous just thinking about it. I do not want something to go wrong or someone get upset about the blog. Although through these videos it make me feel more comfortable about creating a class blog. I found that there are a many ways to protect and make sure it is safe for the students to use. First off there is an approved button for the teacher to review anything that is being posted to the blog. There are many websites that are just for starting up students blogs. is made for just for classroom blogs. It is also very user friendly for teachers to use. This sites are also really safe for students to use. I can see myself using either blogger or to start a classroom blog in the furture.

Project #12 Part B