Sunday, November 30, 2014

C4T #4

First Post: A Celebration of Learning: Engaging Families Inside and Out!
Mrs. Sharon Davison has been a teacher for 25 year in counting. This year she started teaching kindergarten and she is really enjoying it. She talks about how learning is a wonderful and power thing. Learning is not just for her students but for their families too. She wants to help her parents to be engaged in this experience. There are so many ways to engage them by having class blogs, having a show your work off day, or taking pictures to post on blog. The show off your work day is when parent have the opportunity to come in the classroom to see what they have been doing. One student's parents could not make it so they used Facetime to connect with them. This shows just one way why technology is great to use in the classroom.

Second Post: Being Grateful…….
She starts by telling us how grateful she is for being healthy, and having great friends/family. She is most grateful for being a great role model for her students. They have been working on a PBL project in her class that works with the help for the need. Her class has been having guest speakers and they have been creating iMovies of their own ideas they have to help the need. Recently one of student's sent her a picture and an email. They have told her that their child has sold all her books to raise money from the The Children’s Literacy Initiative. As a teacher/role model this would make you feel like they have really made a difference in a child's life.

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