Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

Teaching our children can be a profession!

1. Picking from the best Teachers
2. Seniority
3. Teacher Standards

Joel Klein has many ideas on how to change the education system to try to make it better.
1. Picking from the best Teachers:
Klein believe one way is to have a better education programs for the future teachers. He also said that teachers should be picked from one third of top of the class. I can understand why he want the best of the best. Although even if a teacher has the highest grades it does not determine if he/she is a great and effective teacher. It should be how a teacher perform in the classroom and how they teach can have an important effect upon the students.
2. Teacher Seniority and 3. Teacher Standards
When schools have cut back, usually the first teachers that are made to leave are the ones that just received the job. Klein believes that it is wrong to fire the new teachers just based off of seniority. I agree with Klein that it is not right. Just because the teachers may be new does not determine that they are bad teachers. There are two kinds of teachers. Teacher who are effective and very caring towards their students. Then there are teachers who do not care and do the least they can to just get by. Just because a teacher has experience and has been teaching for a long time does not mean they are effective teachers. Also new teachers usually have the highest and newest teaching techniques. One way to solve this problem would be to have the teachers to be evaluated each year. This can help to determine who gets cut based off of skills and techniques of a teacher.

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  1. I completely agree with almost everything you said. I agree with Klein that firing new teachers because others have seniority is not right. I also can see why he would want to recruit the best of the best; however, I completely agree that they should be recruited based on performance rather than grades. Although your post had a few errors (seemingly the result of not proofreading before publishing), you made some good points and did a good job on your post this week!