Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Post #11

I: Back To the Future
II: Blended Learning Cycle
III: Making Thinking Visible
IV: Sam Pane 4th Grade
V: Project Based Learning by Dean Shareski
VI: Roosevelt Elementary's PBL Program

What can we learn about teaching and learning from these teachers?

Back To the Future:
I watched a video of Brian Crosby describing his classroom environment. At the beginning of the year Crosby's class was at a lower level. He use PBL in his class. It showed that PBL was really working for his students because they made great progress throughout the year. He has students write on the class blog. He also gets his students to record and post videos of the projects that are done in class. The students get really excited when they get responds on their blogs. He has the most amazing projects that really have the students hooked. I really liked how he shows that if you work really hard it can really be effective for your students.

Blended Learning Cycle:
In this video, Mr. Paul Andersen explains the blended learning cycle that he uses in his classroom. Blended learning is a mix of online learning and in classroom learning. He starts by having a question or activity that gets his students "hooked". He has his student explore and then explains it to the class. He makes sure each student understands before they can move onto the next step. Then he expands and does experiments with what he is teaching. These steps are a very effective learning strategy. Especially if you are teaching science. Learning these steps can make you a very effective teacher and learner.

Making Thinking Visible:
Mark Church and Ron Ritchhart is the author of the book called: Making Thinking Visible.
In this video, Mark Church shows an example of how he engages his students in a project. He has his student work in groups to come up with a headline for the group. Then when they are finished with the project he gets the students to look back at the head line. This is to show the students the comparison of what they thought about the project to what they know about it now. This would be a good idea to start and end a project. I like how it shows the students how much they have learned.

Sam Pane 4th Grade:
In this video, Sam Pane shows 4th graders how to use internet safely. He teaches this in a fun way by having the class make a comic. This activity is not just fun but it teaches how to be safe online, making a comic, and it also helps them practice their writing skills. I like how his teacher invents a creative way to teach something that can difficult and boring to learn. I can see myself doing this project in classroom.

Project Based Learning by Dean Shareski
In this video, it is shown how they blended 3 subjects into one. They used project based learning to teach all three subjects. This idea is new and I would like to do more research on it. I would like see how this would work.

Roosevelt Elementary's PBL Program:
In this last video, it explains what project based learning is and how positive it is for these students. They like to have the students to use real world problems with their solving problems. They want to teach their students to work together and learn how to use their communication skills. They know that it is important to know how to work together for their future jobs.


  1. You did an outstanding job! Great job summarizing each video. The only thing you need to next time is to source your image. Great job!