Thursday, November 6, 2014

C4T #3

First Post: Lisa Thumann has a blog called Thumann Resources. She works with teachers to help them to learn to use technology and learn how to teach using technology. The blog post that I read was called "20 Percent Time". It was talking about how some companies like google with have a day in the week called 20% of the time. It is where they let their employees have time to work on something that needs to be fix or something they want to look more into. She was saying that we as teachers should to this when we are doing lesson plans. Also to let your students have a little time to fix problems or be able to looked more intense in their interests.I think using 20% of the time is a great idea to incorporate into your classroom. I think it is great for students to get to develop more ideas. It also helps the students to look deeper into their own interests.

Second Post: The blog post was called "Untapped Apps on Google Drive". She described all these free apps that can be used through Google Drive. They were apps that no one really knows about. I can see how I could use these apps in the future. I can use some in my classroom. I also could use some in my own personal reasons.

  • Pixlr Editor is a picture editor online. HelloFax was a way for you to sign documents and send faxes online.
  • WeVideo is an editing that will let you edit as a group.
  • TwistedWave is an app that allows you to edit your files by using your voice.
  • RightSignature is a way fir you to send forms, contracts, or proposals that will allow to send an e-signature.
  • GeoGebra is mathematics software for all levels of education.

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