Friday, October 24, 2014

C4K Summary: October

I: Laurin Blog Post
II: Brett S. Blog Post
III: Katy's Blog Post
IV: Judah's Blog Post
Laurin post was called "who I am". Laurin was saying that it it good to be yourself. Do not try be somebody else. She want to inspire people one day and maybe even to become president. Just stay true to yourself. My comment said that you do need to be yourself. I want to inspire people one day too. Right now I am going to school to be a teacher. I really want to inspire my students one day. I also want my students to be themselves because they are perfect in every way just like you.
Brett S. post called waffles. This was brett first blog post. This was when he introduced himself and told us what he liked. He liked the color green, videos games, and cars. He named his blog post waffles because that was his nickname. My comment said you have a really awesome nickname. My nickname is Moe. My four favorite things are the color blue, playing game with my nieces/nephew, going to the beach, and driving the boat.

Kath's post was her practicing her writing. I think she had to write who she show in her mind. She wrote about her seeing a bride and a groom in a carriage on their wedding day. I told her that she did a good job on your writing. I really like the part about the dogs and the chickens. YOur doing great on your writing and you will only get better. Keep up the great work.

Judah post was called "How to be a good Pt Englander". He wrote about how to be a good Englander. He said you can do that be being polite, dressing properly, and being cyber smart. He is right. It is very good to be polite. Being polite can get you very far in life. Also by dressing properly helps earn respect from your peers and adults. Everyone knows that being cyber smart os the best way to go. I also try to be polite, dress appropriately, and be cyber smart.

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