Friday, November 21, 2014

C4K Summary: November

I: Liam's Blog
II: Channing's Blog
III: Channing's Blog (2)

Liam post was called "My Poem". Liam wrote a poem about his dog.
Liam's Poem:
"My dog
as fluffy as a pillow
as vicious as a snake as fast as
a car as big as a chair as kind
as a person as hungry as a buffalo"

My comment was about how I love his poem about his dog. It gave a really good descriptions of his dog. I also said that I could start to picture what the dog looks like. Then I told him about how my dog was really fluffy and very soft. My dog favorite food is cheese.

Channing posted a picture of the prints they were making in their class. My comment said how nice prints his print looked. I told him that I was doing the same thing in my art class right now. We used foam plates and used a pen to make our design. Then we make prints just like he did.

Channing posted the step to how to use a pottery wheel.
Channing steps:
"Potter wheel
1. How to center the clay.
2. The angl of the hand.
3. Air bobls out of clay.
Doug Reynolds..
1. He makes the potter wheel look easy.
2 He was a featured artist for making pots at Waldemar Schmidt Gallery.
3. He made good pots."
Channing class blogs about the art projects they do in class. It is really cool to be able to know how to use wheel to make pottery.

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