Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Post #9

What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning? 
I: Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning
II:Project-Based Learning for Teachers
Seven Essentials for PBL:
III: 10 Sites Supporting Digital Classroom
IV: What motivates students in classrooms?
V: Project-Based Learning and Physical Education

Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning:
"A project is meaningful if it fulfills two criteria. First, students must perceive the work as personally meaningful, as a task that matters and that they want to do well. Second, a meaningful project fulfills an educational purpose. Well-designed and well-implemented project-based learning is meaningful in both ways."

1. Need to Know: The teacher needs to adjust their teaching style based on the needs of the students. They also need to pick projects that go along with the standards that will engage the students. They do not need to just give "busy work". As a teacher you want to motivate your students.
2. A Driving Question: Create a question that will drive the student to want to solve a problem. This question should lead the students to the main focus of the project.
3. Student Voice and Choice: The student should be able to decide how they want to portray their project. Once the students are engaged with the project the teacher should give an outline of the requirements. Requirements can help the students from not becoming overwhelmed. They should include the use of technology in the project.
4. 21st Century Skills: The students should work in groups. When collaborating they will learn how to work together. They will learn other skills such as "communication, critical thinking, and the use of technology".
5. Inquiry and Innovation: Students will be really interested when finding and discovering their subject. The topic they will be discovering should be and can be meaningful to them as long as it relates back to the driving question. They might even discover more questions along the way.
6. Feedback and Revision: Teacher should guide the students to get them to do peer editing. Peer editing helps the students have feedback to make the assignment the best it can be.
7. A Publicly Presented Product: Students should present their product. If they know they have to present their product the students will try harder and make it their best.

Project-Based Learning for Teachers by Tony Vincent:
In this video, Vincent gave a very useful summary of Project-Based Learning. I liked when the words "Questioning, Investigating, Sharing, and Reflecting" popped up on the screen. Those four words are what PBL is all about. I also liked how it included a lot of technology. PBL is getting the "students to take control of their own learning." Students have a voice and they want to be heard. They can do so through PBL.

10 Sites Supporting Digital Classroom Collaboration in PBL:
The website talked about many different sites that are available to use for PBL. My favorite site is Google Docs when you need to shared and store documents. Titan pad is almost the same as Google Docs. Skype and Quick Screen Share is great when you are working on a collaborative project. You can talk or share your screen from anywhere that has a computer. There are just so many tools you can find online that can help you use PBL in your classroom.

What motivates students in classrooms?
In this video, it tell us how to get our students to be motivated. When you expect more from a child they will try harder. As a teacher you should also try to add what they are interested in. Students need to care about what they are doing. They have to think that the task is very important.

Project-Based Learning and Physical Education:

This is when they used PBL in a PE classroom. Andrew Miller tells about us how he learned about this across the world. When he came to the states he found that they used it here also. He thinks it’s great because it helps students to be creative, use problem solving, and work together.


  1. "The teacher needs to adjust their learning style based on the needs of the students." I think you mean adjust their instruction to the learning styles of their students. Your sentence says the teachers should adjust their [the teachers] learning styles.

    Thoughtful. Thorough.

  2. Your post was well thought out and fun to read. I have definitely learned to appreciate online tools like google docs through taking EDM 310. I have learned a lot about online tools and can't wait to combine PBL and technology.