Thursday, October 9, 2014

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What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch?


I believe that the main thing Randy Pausch is teaching us is to always remain happy. His lecture is called the Randy Pausch's Last Lecture because he had cancer and at the time had only 6 months to live. Even facing death, he was incredibly positive and encouraged people to never give up on their dreams, no matter what happens. Also, he pushes us to start succeeding our dreams. He fondly remembers that loved to dream to dream as a child. Throughout his lecture he described all his childhood dreams that came true. The entire audience laughed at his entertaining and joyful story. He tells us that his drive and passions allowed him to succeed his childhood dreams.

Pausch had many elaborate and detailed dreams. One particular dream was to create a site at Disney World. He had many people tell him he could not do it. However, through his hard work and positive attitude he was able to overcome many obstacles and create a site at Disney. Additionally, he was able to work on many projects at Disney. As I love Disney, this was very impressive to me.

My favorite thing portion of his lecture was called the "Brickwall." His outlook on the brickwall made me really start thinking. He said when someone will not let you do something, it is called the brickwall. The wall is there for those people who do not care. When you really want something you will see a brick wall as an obstacle that can be overcome. You will break down the wall and achieve your goal. His positive outlook on life encourages me to achieve my goals.

Pausch said "be good at something, it will make you valuable." This is a simple verse but it is very true. If you do nothing then nothing will happen. We all go through day-to-day life wondering what we are doing here, what do we need to be, and what can we offer the world. All of these questions show us how to succeed in life. This is true for me as a future teacher. I want my students to succeed in their education and achieve their goals. I hope to teach my students that it is possible to achieve anything you set your mind to.

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