Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Post #7

I: Strengths and Weaknesses
II: In my classroom
III: Resources
A: Audio QR Code
B: iPad Centers
C: Poplets
D: Alabama Virtual Library
E: Discovery Education
F: Sharing Board Builders
G: Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library
H: We All Become Learners

One of my best strengths is learning new technologies and programs. I would not consider myself the best a technology master but I can almost always learn and use it. Overall, my biggest weakness is spelling. This often affects me when I am trying to use technology. Also, having difficulty spelling causes me to be slow when typing or keeping up with a lecture. This is problematic when someone is giving important instructions and I am trying to figure out how to just spell a word. If I was a better speller, I would definitely be a better student and teacher. However, I have learned that you can not change who you are and you just have to work with the talents you have.


I will have a lot of preparation for my students when I use project based learning (PBL). As a teacher, I am lucky to have so much information and many tools at my disposal. I believe it is important to use technology, but it is also great for students to use pen/paper for writing and note taking. Additionally, the creative arts help the student become a well rounded individual. I will be a teacher who uses a mix of the pen/paper, the arts, and PBL. It is good to know how and when to use these resources. The following are some resources I have been exposed to.

Audio QR Code:
This video called "How to make an Audio QR Code". I have seen these QR codes at restaurants, hotels, and almost everywhere I go. This video shows how to take a recording and make it into a QR code. Also, this program is easy enough for students to use. This technology records a student or yourself reading and the students may go back and listen as much as they need. This is especially helpful for students with learning disabilities. Also, if a student needs a test read aloud, you are able to record it prior to the test. This technology helps the teacher be more effective in the classroom. One of the highlights of this tool is that it is a free app and anyone can scan the QR code. This could also allow parents to listen and assist their child at home.

Ginger Tuck, GSES Kindergarten – iPad Centers:
In this video called iPad Reading Center a student will record a video of themselves reading on the ipad. This helps the student learn from their mistakes when they listen back to the video. Hearing themselves helps the student identify their deficiencies and become a better reader.

Poplet as a Center:
In this video, called "Poplet as a Center", a Ginger Tuck is showing us how to use a Poplet. Poplet is a free app that helps you create a reading web. It is great because it helps the students to read, use technology, and practice their typing skills simultaneously. When reading a book, it helps the student remember what they have read and learned throughout the book.

Alabama Virtual Library as a Kindergarten Center:
This video is called AVL and Kindergarten Students. This shows you how to use the Alabama Virtual Library in your classroom. The student may type in a word the search bar and research the word. It shows information, a picture, and sometimes a video about the word. They can also listen to what they are reading about. When doing research, this tool allows the students like to have a little freedom, which increases the students interest and success.

Mrs. Shirley’s 1st Grade Class: How to use and build a Board in DE for a Project Based Lesson:
This video is called "Tammy Shirley Discovery Education Board Builder Moon Project". This video will show you have to use a Board in Discovery Education in your classroom. This show you how to search and organize your research on a board. You can also put notes and DE pictures on the board.

Students Sharing Board Builders:
In this video it show you have to use Board Builder. Board Builder is like powerpoint presentation for students. It also helps the student know how to research and discover the subject they have chosen.

Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten:
I had no idea that kindergarteners know how
to use iMovie. I am a college student and I just learned how to use it last week. This just shows that kids are very adaptive. The Alabama Virtual Library is a free app available to everyone that lives in Alabama. This teaches how to research as a student. This also will pull up articles that are based on kindergartener's level.

We All Become Learners:
Today, everyone has to become a learner. In addition to students, teachers and parents are also learners. Therefore, technology is not just learned by a student. Teacher's must learn how to use technology to be able to teach it to their students. Technology is helping everyone become excited about learning.



  1. I really enjoyed your blog post on project based learning and all of the different resources. I liked the structure and detail, and the fact that it's filled with many examples and links. The only thing I noticed is the picture does not have a title when the cursor is over it. You will need to double check this and correct it for the future. Have a good day!

  2. "..that kindergarteners know who to use iMovie." how, not who

    It may be time to set aside your insistence on pencil and paper.

    Thoughtful. Interesting. Well done. Now incorporate it into your practice!