Sunday, October 26, 2014

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What can we learn from Mrs. Cassidy?

Little Kids...Big Potential
Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 1
Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 2
Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 3

Mrs. Cassidy, a kindergarten teaching, utilizes a lot of technology in her classroom. She teaches her class by blending technology into each subject. She has so many great ideas to help to have a blended class. She started using technology in her classroom about 10 years ago and even started her on webpage at this time. One of her first projects was allowing her students to writing blog posts. She found many of her students preferred writing on the blog more than writing on paper. The students enjoyed that people all around the world commented on their blog posts. Also, blog posts allow other teachers, friend, or family can see the student’s progress and comment on their blog. Blogs allow the students to have a much wider audience than paper writing where only the teacher or sometimes a parent may see it. I believe this can effectively motivate students to improve their writing and work harder to write their posts. She also thought that it was a great way to assist students who need extra help. In addition to writing blogs, Mrs. Cassidy’s students used many other technologies such as Skype, Wiki, and even Nintendo DS for educational purposes. Almost every child has some type of hand held technological device, why would you not want to teach them how to use it in an educational way.

I also like the methods Mrs. Cassidy uses teach technology in a safe way. It was often worries me about the outside world the students can connect to. In order to keep her students safe and their parents informed, she sends home permission forms for students to show the parents what exactly they are doing in school. I also like that she finds out what technology the students have available at home in case the students are unable to complete the assignment in class. The access to home technology can also depend where you are teaching. When using the internet or other technologies, it is important to watch over the students to ensure their safety. At the same time, a teacher should always be advising the students, keeping them on track, and always learning new things.

Mrs. Cassidy envisions the use technology has a way to prepare her students for the future. Technology is here to stay so you might as well learn how to use it. It is important to learn how to use it in an appropriate and in an educational way. Students are often excited to learn and use technology. If it motivates your student to learn why would you not want to use it? I can see myself using many of the methods she has told us about teaching a blended class.


  1. You did a wonderful job at summarizing what each video talked about. I myself also found the way she was keeping her students safe was awesome. I had wondered how the teacher would be able to, but her ides of no last names, and no pictures that can be matched with students names was awesome. Very nice blog post, keep up the good work!!

  2. " you might as well learn how to use it. " You must learn how to use it!