Thursday, September 11, 2014

Project 4: C4T #1

I: 1st Post
A: Comment 1
II: 2nd Post
A: Comment 2

Jason Hahnstadt is a high school P.E. coach. In the blog post, What is Flipped Coaching? , Jason describes how he showed videos in his class. The videos contain the activity he is teaching for that day. This gives the teacher more time to interact with the student other than having to lecture all day. This also helps by not having to repeat himself over and over. When I commented I told him that I thought it was really good idea to show videos of the activity. That way he do not have to repeat himself as much. I think videos would be really useful to do in any classroom.

In the second blog post, Flipping your Classroom Updates, Jason decribe how it was hard to get his students to watch videos and take quiz online. He really wanted to find a way to remind his student to do the assignments. He came up with the idea of texting his students. He didn't want to text them from his personal phone so he used a website. Through a website he could text the students every night to watch videos and take their quiz. My comment included that it was really smart of them to text their student using a website. I will have to keep that in mind when I want to do online homework in my classroom one day.


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