Thursday, September 25, 2014

C4T #2

First Post: Janae Ivory has a blog called iLearn Technology. Janae does a post called Digital Story Telling and this one was a video about Aerial's animation. Aerial is a dance teacher who created a new way to dance. She was also featured on America’s Got Talent. Aerial draws animation backgrounds when she dances. She is the character in her animations. That was incredible. What a great idea of mixing drawing and dance. I love to draw so this dance really is aspiring to me. This video would be great to use when teaching about expressing yourself.

Second Post: Janae Ivory posted about SNAP Learning Close Reading System. SNAP is a online site that has interactive exercises that helps students learn about words and sentences. Based on the a student you can assign reading and activities that is on their own level. This helps the student as an individual. I would have really liked this as a child.

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