Friday, September 12, 2014

C4K Summary: September

I: Rave's Blog Post
II: Laurin's Blog Post

Rave posted about plastic bags. She was very upset that how much trash was in the oceans these days. Plastic bags are the main cause for the animals, birds, and fishes deaths. She told us that some outlet malls were even making customer pay 10 cents for plastic bags. This helps by not having as much plastic bags on our earth and waters. She also mention that some countries have even banned plastic bag. I believe this is a great idea. I would want people to pay for their bags so there would be less in the world. It has always made me ever upset to see trash in the waters. I mades me even mad to see people dumping trash in water. We need to keep our earth clean.
Laurin posted about her job as a student. Her job was to learn and grow as a student. She also did not like school that much but she understoods why she had to go. She really disliked her uniforms. But she understood that uniforms were there to not distract student from learning. I commented that I had uniforms in my school too. I really liked my uniform because I did not have to think about what I wanted to wear everyday. I would just put it on and start my day. I also helped me to focus on my school work. I did not have think of what everybody else was doing or wearing. I could learn and grow as a person.

Kam B. posted about one thing she would change about school. If Kam could change one thing about school she would choose to have no homework. She thinks children these days are being overworked. My comment said would it not be great to not have homework. I know if there was no homework then I would definitely get more sleep. Although if I did not have homework I probably would not learn as much as I do.

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