Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blog Post #6

Anthony Capp's is a 3rd grade teacher at Baldwin County, a very tech savvy school. He too was in EDM310 with Dr. Strange and was also a tech helper for the course. Project based learning is an important tool in Mr. Capp's class. In the video, they talked about the ways he has used project based learning to engage his students.

Anthony Capp's said his students "get excited about and own their own learning" in Project Based Learning (PBL). He has received very positive responses from his students, parents, and superiors on his teaching methods. When the students are excited about a project, they are determined to do a great job and finish in a timely manner. He will only give guidelines when he announces a project in class. This method directs the students while also allowing them to complete it the way they think is correct. These PBL methods encourage the student’s creativity. He also requires his students to work on group projects and peer edit. His believes it is good for students to help each other and grow together as a group. It also allows students to have their work checked before turning it in. It also helps the teacher as the editing and grading process takes less time.

Mr. Capp's uses two computer programs in his classroom. The first program is iCurio, a search engine that is safe for elementary students. The students can use this to search on any topic they are discussing in class. It is also has a file for students so they may go back to previous searches. The other search engine he uses is called Discovery Education. This is also for the students to search class topics. However, instead of showing pictures of the topic, it shows a video that has detailed information about the searched item. Research has shown that when you both see and hear about a topic, you tend to understand and retain more information.

Anthony Capp's said you do not just teach technology but you need to use it. You need to teach it and gradually use more and more. A lesson is four layers; it is a year, unit, week, and a day. You do not have to teach everything at once. You need think of it in the four layers and the daily plan is the most important of them all.



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