Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post #5

I: What is PLN?
II: Why its is used?
III: How I will get started?

A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a networking program for teachers. PLN's are great tools for teachers to learn new technology, learning styles, share ideas, research, and many other tools to become a better teacher. It does not just connect teachers from one school or district but it also connects educators from all over the world. Teachers can use Twitter, blogs, and even google to keep connected. My mom is an art/music teacher and she often uses Pinterest as her PLN. This keeps her connected with the newest concepts in art education while also sharing her own methods and creations. PLN's can also make effective students. As a teacher, utilizing these methods can grasp a student's attention and keep them engaged. PLN creation can take a significant amount of time to setup. However, once it is created, it is available to you for your entire teaching career. As a teacher, it is important to continue learning and discovering new ways to educate and engage your students. The first additions to my PLN will will be my mom, Barbara Hutson, and @drjohnhadley. I will also be adding the teacher I have been observing in my other classes. A Personal Learning Network is the best way to stay connected with other educators while also staying current with the latest in education technology and methods.


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