Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Post #2

I: Professor Dancealot
A:central message
B:case for this conclusion
II: Teaching in the 21st Century
A:outline of video
B:agree with Robert?
III: Networked Student
IV: Harness Your Students’ Digital Smarts
V: Who’s Ahead in the Learning Race?
A:elementary students vs. college students
VI: Flipping the Classroom
A:new to me

1.Professor Dancealot:
The central message of this video shows that teaching from just a power point is not always the best way to learn. At the end all the students had no idea how to dance. Yes, because no one learned how to dance in the class. You can not learn how to dance from a power point. You have to learn how to dance by practicing.

2.Teaching in the 21st Century
Robert thinks teaching in the 21st century means to include technology to engage students.
I. Students can find information anywhere
A. Social networking
B. You tube
c. search engines
D. etc
II. Teach students to find reliable information
III. What resources students use to find information
A. searching
B. twittering
C. networking
D. etc
IV. Students learn by collaborating and creating
V. Teach students the right way to use technology
VI. Talk to other people about your ideas
VII. Start small
I feel that Roberts sees teaching is mostly technology where I find it a mixture of the old and new. I also feel that technology doesn't always work. For example this video: the video moved too fast and froze while I tried to pause to try and catch up. I had to restart the video several times. I personally don't learn best with fast moving words across the screen. As an educator I think it's important to incorporate technology based teaching but for me this video did the opposite because it was hard to follow so this video does not affect me.

3. Networked Student:
My reaction to this video is the student discovers his own information through searching and uses the teacher as a model and guide to find his information that he then shares with others.

4. Harness Your Students’ Digital Smarts:
Vicki Davis thesis' is to teach students using technology and allowing them to collaborate to help teach other. My reaction to her argument is positive. I think she makes a lot of good points. You can learn from your students and using several sources of technology help the students learn better.

5. Who’s Ahead in the Learning Race?:
I believe that elementary students are ahead. I am an undergrad and I feel like in some ways I am ahead and others behind. Elementary students grew up with technology and I have had to learn it as I go. Babies can play with Ipads because they have always been available to them. They haven't always been available to me.

6. Watch Flipping the Classroom:
Flipping a classroom is new to me. I do not think this
approach will be useful to me as a teacher because not every student will have access to a computer and how will you know if they are completing the assignment? I think that expecting your students to do this kind of homework a few nights a week is difficult. Parents and students have lives outside of school. This isn't a type of homework that can be taken to your brothers soccer game.


  1. " I do not think this approach will be useful to me as a teacher because not every student will have access to a computer…" In two years? Don't be so sure. maybe not computers but certainly smartphone which can be used in place of a computer!

    Are you opposed to homework?

  2. I like how this is set up. I have to agree with some of your points of your blog. Technology can't take place of everything. You can't learn to dance with a power point. Yes, in a few years technology will have probably fully taken over. As for your students not having a computer, they now supply every student with a mac that they can take home. Both my brother (who is in high school) and sister (who is still in elementary) have a mac that they use for school that is provide through the school. This approach is taking over and sometimes you just have to go with the flow.